The new DYNAFLO TW HYDRAULIC HEADBOX has been delivered to the LUCART Group, which will be installed on the OVER double wire in operation since the 1980's

The machine, originally designed for a maximum speed of 1400 mpm for the production of heavily colored tissue paper, has already exceeded the project speeds and the customer wanted to eliminate the main bottleneck represented by the existing headbox after almost 40 years of "Honorable service".

The aim of the project was to insert in the existing former a new headbox for the new production target at 1800 m / min, implementing the latest innovations of the most modern DYNAFLO TWC (which guarantee considerable advantages in terms of energy saving), in the small available spaces without upsetting the existing forming section. 

Impennata dei prezzi delle materie prime

Entirely built in stainless steel, all the elements currently inserted in the most modern OVERMADE headboxes have been inserted: from the flexible lip to the taper header passing through the expansion / mixing chamber and, of course, the micro-turbulence multitube section DYNAFLO.

Soluzioni di notevole interesse per ridurre il consumo di energia termica nelle zone di essicamento ed il consumo di energia elettrica nella zona di formazione

The project can be replicated on any machine with double wire that needs to increase operating speeds or that requires extraordinary maintenance.

FAITHFUL TO OUR MISSION: work with passion to achieve goals through eco and logic solutions that put at the center every particular need of our customers!

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