OVER CR C22LOVER is universally acknowledged as a leader in the manufacture of tissue making machines on account of the outstanding quality, softness and properties of the paper produced on them. Smooth and uniform formation is obtained thanks to the jet impingement geometry and to the Dynaflo type headbox. OVER tissue machines are flexible and efficient, with easy production changes and producing saleable jumbo rolls from the very start-up. In particular, those specifically designed for high speed are today producing smoothly and consistently at 2,000 m/min, with a design speed of 2,200 m/min.


OVER CR C22OVER has manufactured tissue machines since the early 60's, developing and mastering the whole technology of tissue making: from the early fourdrinier to the suction breast roll, from twin wire to crescent former. A total of more than 100 successfully operating complete tissue machines (or tissue mills), together with the large number of repeat orders placed with OVER attest to the capabilities of the company and the confidence of its customers. Depending on the capacity and the daily production target, OVER is able to supply a wide range of tissue machines, starting from the simple and low-investment model designed for production between 40 and 60 t/day, up to the most advanced model for 250 t/day, with 5,650 mm trim width at reel.



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