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Cookies are used on the website to optimize the user experience, make it easier and more intuitive. Cookies are small pieces of information which can be used to collect information about the user, his/her preferences or about the device used for navigation (computer, tablet or smartphone). They are mainly used to order to adapt the browse experience on a website to the users’ expectations, providing a more tailored navigation experience and remembering choices made before. 

Cookies are small pieces of information sent by a web server to a web browser that can only be read by data transferring server. It is not an executable file nor can it transfer viruses.

Cookies do not collect any personal information and no potentially recognizable data will be saved. If you prefer, you can block all cookies or parts of them. However, please note that the use of the website and its certain functions might be compromised. If you prefer to proceed without changing any option about cookies, just continue to navigate on the website. 

Please find below the categories of cookies used on 

Technical Cookies

Several technologies are used to store information on the user’s computer, which are later collected by websites. HTML cookies are the better-known ones and more frequently used. With cookies you get a better access and the navigation on a website is easier for the user. They are necessary to transfer communications on the web, as providers need them to supply requested services to the customers. 
Settings to manage and disable cookies can change from browser to browser. At any time, the user can administrate cookies and ask to disactive or cancel cookies though his browser settings. Deactivation of cookies can slow down or limit the access to some areas of the website. Technical cookies allow a safe and efficient use of the website.
Cookies stored on a browser and transferred through Google Analytics or through any blogger statistical service or similar, are defined as technical only if used directly by the owner of a website to optimize the website itself. The owner will therefore be allowed to collect aggregate information about the number of visitors and about how they navigate throught the website. On these conditions, analytics cookies follow the same rules as for technical cookies, maintaing a safe and efficient use of the website. 

As to the duration of a cookie, there are session cookies, which expire automatically when the browser is closed, they are used to identify you and therefore you don’t have to repeat the log-in for every page you visit. Then, there are permanent cookies, which are still active on your computer until they expire or if you delete them.  Session cookies can be installed to allow you to log in with your log in details and passwords or to remain in a reserved area as a logged-in user. These cookies are temporary and only saved during the internet use, then are cancelled when the browser is switched off. Their use is strictly limited to the transmission of information only for session identification, since the server generates casual numbers to allow a safe and efficient use of the website.

Third-part cookies

Depending on the origin of the cookie, one must distinguish between cookies that are directly transferred to the browser from the website, on which you are navigating and third part cookies that are sent to your computer from different websites and not from the one you are actually using.

Permanent cookies are often third-part cookies. 

Most third-part cookies are tracking cookies used to track your browsing habits, to recognize your interests and then create targeted ads. 

Third-part analytic cookies might be installed. They are transferred from outside the website from third-part domains.
Third-part analytic cookies are used to track information on users’ behaviour on . 

Cookies are tracked anonymously and are used to improve the services and utility of the website. Third-part targeting cookies are used to create user profiles and generate marketing contents in line with the user’s preferences. 

The use of these cookies are directly regulated by the third parties, therefore we’d kindly invite you to refer to the privacy policies and instructions published on the third parties’ websites, if you want to manage/disable cookies. 

Targeting cookies

Targeting cookies are used to create user profiles to generate marketing contents in line with the preferences that are expressed by the user while navigating online. The user has to grant his express content when this kind of cookies are employed.  Art. 22 of the UE Regulation 2016/679 and art. 122 of the General Data Protection Regulation will be applied.

View the full list of cookie categories used on here: Cookies Management

Managing cookies a browser

Targeting cookies are necessary for user profiles to generate marketing contents in line with preferences that are expressed by the user while he is navigating online. does not process any targeting cookie.  Some people prefer not to enable cookies. For this reason, nearly any browser offers the possibility to change their settings to respect the user’s preferences. For a better data protection, some browsers offer to define the use of cookies on each website. It means cookies can be disabled on any website and you allow only the use of trustworthy cookies. 

Please find below a few links where you learn more about this topic depending on the browser type:


Internet Explorer:



Most contemporary browsers offer a ‘Private Browsing’ option so that no chronology nor cookies are registered while you are navigating on the websites.

Why do we use cookies

Cookies are used for several reasons. uses cookies to allow our systems to recognize your device and offer specific functionalities, such as:

  • Making browsing easier and allowing a correct use of the website;
  • Counting the number of visitors on our website;
  • Allowing an easier access to services that require log in data;
  • Knowing which areas of our website have been visited;
  • Persistent Cookies: when you quit your browser, they are not erased until a pre-set deadline;
  • Session Cookies: they are always cancelled when you quit your browser.
    Usually, cookies are collected and transferred, unless the user modifies the cookie setting on his/her browser (see the following paragraphs), but thus could cause problems and the website may not function correctly. 

Exclusion systems

In the case of express consent of cookie use on this website, it is possible to modify settings at the following link: Cookies Management

Besides, you can block most advertising providers from processing your personal data,  following the instructions at the link  Please note that if you exert your exclusion right, you will keep receiving advertising, but not tailored to your interests. Some third-part systems using cookies provide useful tools to prevent the installation of their cookies. Here you can find the tools provided by Google if you choose to block cookies related to Google Analytics:

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