MG Paper machine in delivery to the paper Mill Unibol S.A. (Colombia)

Overmade continues to grow since the company acquisition in 2015, and recently we have received an order from a colombian paper mill testifying to the quality of the products


The new parts, from the Overmade headbox to the winder, including the electric drive, hood and aerothermic system make the MG "Machine glazed" paper machine able to produce until 70 ton/day and its width can reach 3,200 mm. The customer was also provided with a OVER-1500 winder to complete the production line.

UNIBOL S.A. is a company of great potential, that not only operates inside the country but also in North America, Central America, South America and Caribbean Islands. They produce 100% recycled fiber paper, and we are glad to take part in their growth.

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