A complete tissue plant will be supplied by Overmade

Overmade has been committed, from an important client in the Middle East, to realize the Angel project, one complete tissue plant for the production of high-quality facial tissue

facial tissue machine

The customer, well knowing the quality of the product manufactured by the OVER CR C20 tissue machines, has commissioned the entire line to OverMade on the base of a turn-key supply: from Virgin pulper to Approach flow system, from Hydraulic Headbox to Reel, from Winding system to Wrapping line, including all auxiliaries such as Vacuum line, Steam system, High efficiency hood, Mist and Dust removal system. The DCS (Distributed Control System), the QCS (Quality Control System), the Sectional Electrical Drives and the Electrification of the entire tissue mill are also part of the scope of supply. 

The line will produce 30.000 TPD tissue, using virgin fiber. It will be equipped with a softwood and hardwood line, a water treatment, fiber recovery plant and an advanced double dilution system to feed the headbox. 

The machine is the OVER CR C20, capable to produce the softest facial tissue, using the DYNAFLO-C headbox (the latest development of the DYNAFLO TWC), capable to “OVER-perform” in the fiber distribution at high consistency and to reduce the softwood needs in the paper.

The OVER CR C20 is equipped with a 4,572 mm Yankee diameter and it is conceived to work at a speed of 2,000 mpm, but it has already demonstrated to break its wall of stated operating speed on many occasions.

The delivery is scheduled to be in the summer 2021 and OverMade will perform the job including the supply of all necessary services of engineering, logistics and erection services as well as assistance at the start-up of the line, which will be entirely under the supervision of our qualified personnel on site, who will be in charge of the coordination and control during all the erection and the commissioning phases up to the start-up and training for the client's employees.

For many years OverMade has been serving the market with this machine size, which has shown in the years to be OverMade’s feather in the cap, from Europe to South America, from Middle East to East Europe and Far East. 

TWENTY is the magic number of this line: 20 years from the start-up of the first OVER CR C20 tissue line (the grandfather of one of the most successful OVER tissue lines); in 2020 OverMade received this order in a market area where the OVER tissue machines are a reference point for the market. After the most recent successes in South America, North America and Europe this contract represents in fact an exciting coming back in the Middle East.

We are enthusiastic about this new order coming from an experienced Tissue producer, who actually intends to prepare the battleground to gain further market shares, while we are committed to supply our battle horse.


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